What Families are Saying

Without Project Courage we wouldn’t have the hope that we have today! Their support and dedication gives us the strength to continue to believe in our son’s recovery…..


Project Courage offers a team of creative visionaries.  This extraordinary team demonstrates an expertise by employing innovative approaches to recovery and addiction with a focus on health and wellness. The practice engages in cutting-edge therapies to treat this disease, along with volumes of genuine compassion.  This team of experts, will guide, educate, and foster ones inner strength to  battle this disease;  leading one to find a path to recovery. Project Courage stood by my family in the most difficult of times. Their commitment, empathy, and wisdom are unmatched. I will be forever grateful.


Project Courage—Thanks for being a “one of a kind” out of the mold – different from the average treatment center.  You have given our son-our family, such hope and guidance, (though not always easy to accept) through the most difficult times in our lives.  Your passion and compassion for what you do helps to make all of us know that we are not alone and have support to make it through the unplanned events that have been thrown into our lives. Your dedicated commitment to our son/our family, the connection that you have made with young adults, is extraordinary.  Our son has had several therapists in the past, but the clinicians at Project Courage, by far, exceed what others have tried to do for years.  We are happy to say that our son is now 9 1/2 months in recovery, gainfully employed, and living independently.  Thank you for helping us get through our son’s journey with him.”


Project Courage offered my daughter and myself an oasis of hope in an unpredictable and frightening world of addiction.  Even though I advocate for young people with mental health challenges and their family members, nothing could prepare me for the proximity to the possible death of my child that I lived in while my daughter was binge drinking.   Short-term relief and safety was provided to our family while my daughter was in rehab, but ongoing support, education and encouragement paved the way for my personal emotional recovery while my daughter was at Project Courage.  The family psycho-education group that met weekly for six weeks provided me insight into the biological roots behind my daughter’s addiction and helped me to develop more compassion and understanding for her lifelong desire to drink.  I also realized that I was not alone- I had other parents to connect with- and that my daughter’s drinking was not my fault.  Project Courage also helped to reinforce the AlAnon principles of “I can’t cure it, I didn’t cause it and I can’t control it.”  Thanks Project Courage for not only sending my daughter out into the world stronger and more courageous, but you also gave me the tools to take better care of myself as well.


Project Courage has worked with our son on his addiction issues, and is now helping us understand and deal with the damage his addiction has done to our family.