With Project Courage in your corner, you’re never alone. We’re here for you with resources, information, outcome data, helpful links, and more — all aimed at helping you succeed in your recovery. Feel free to explore our educational content, get an answer to your questions with us or one of our partners, or come see us in person at one of our upcoming local events.

Outcome Data

Take a look at some of the information we gather at Project Courage, and how that translates to a successful recovery. We put our data out there not just to confirm and tout our program’s success, but also as a reminder that we can always try to be better than yesterday.

New Client Forms

Project Courage strives to easily provide access to all of our important forms and data. There is a lot of info that needs to be collected in order for our clinicians to be as precise as possible with their recommendations for care. We provide these New Client Forms to better prepare you for your first visit to Project Courage, and give you a head start at helping us get you into the right programs to begin your recovery journey.


Learn everything you need to know about how we utilize insurance to cover some or all of the cost of services at Project Courage. From in network to out of pocket, we’ve got you covered with the information you need to make an informed decision about the care you receive.