Meetings available:

Friday AA Meeting at 12:00pm

Friday Nooner AA

Tuesday All Recovery Meeting at 6:30pm

All Recovery is an alternative to 12-step meetings. We welcome all who struggle with addiction, are affected by addiction, or support the recovery lifestyle.

Tuesday The Safe Space Meeting at 5:30pm

A safe space for open discussion with anything you need to talk about. This group is a supportive environment where everyone can practice healthy communication skills. 

Monday Virtual Weekly Intensions Group at 10:30am

The group will focus on small measurable goals with clear outcomes. Each group will explore weekly intentions using a mixture of journaling, visualization, and motivational tools. The group can also be used for open discussions.

Thursday Family Support Group at 6:30pm

This group is more open-ended than the psychoeducation group and provides ongoing support for families of those involved with addiction and recovery. It’s facilitated by a clinician but relies on the participation of members to share their experience with others. 
support group