Press Release: Project Courage Partners With TryCycle


Technology Integration Helps to Foster Deeper Connections Between Recovery Coach and Client

Project Courage and TryCycle Data Systems Collaborate to Increase Engagement with Clients in Recovery

Project Courage’s year-old and recently CARF-accredited Recovery Support Services program (RSS) facilitates recovery in the comfort of client homes. While many other types of treatment are acute in nature, RSS is a year-long program that addresses critical points of recovery such as early stages of home and family reintegration as well as the more long-term aspects like educational support and job-skills advising.

Each client works with an in-home recovery coach, an in-home nurse, and a Project Courage-based psychiatrist. The team’s goal is to facilitate recovery as well as ten other lifestyle domains such as education, employment, transportation, financial, and more. With the support of the team, clients navigate aspects of their recovery at a pace relative to their stage of change.

In an effort to maintain accountability, establish routine, and foster a deeper connection between coaches and their clients, Project Courage recently integrated TryCycle Data Systems into the RSS program, offering the unique ability to keep open communication about a client’s sentiments, trends, attitude and more.

“TryCycle incorporates old-school, accountability methods in a modern, accessible, and easy-to-use software. It builds an invisible bridge between client and coach.”
-Rob Deffendall, Director of Recovery Support Services

TryCycle’s interactive design prompts clients to self-assess their triggers, mood and six other relapse indicators, every day or every other day as scheduled by their clinician or coach. A risk level (high, medium, or low) is assigned along with an assessment of overall tone and sentiment of journal entries; all accessible to clinicians through a secure portal. Real-time data, trends and patterns allow clinicians to monitor progress, identify risky behavior, and help determine which clients may be struggling and in need of support.

The eventual goal of TryCycle is to develop a method for understanding and addressing relapse before it happens – a disruptive, data-driven technology that has the possibility to open huge opportunities in the field of substance abuse treatment. In partnering with TryCycle, Project Courage hopes to bring those possibilities to life sooner and in relevant fashion.

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Project Courage is a substance abuse treatment facility specializing in adolescents and young adults that provides three CARF-accredited programs: intensive outpatient (IOP), outpatient (OP), and recovery support services (RSS), all of which are in-network with Anthem®. Located in Old Saybrook, CT, Project Courage is also closely involved in the Shoreline community, holding local events and spreading awareness about addiction to families, schools, and at-risk youth.

TryCycle Data Systems builds software solutions for clinicians, nurses and health professionals treating patients with addiction and behavioral health disorders. Using a data-driven approach to early risk detection, TryCycle helps to optimize caseload management, creates a digital tether between patients and practitioners, and provides predictive insights in between scheduled visits. For more information or to request a demo, contact