So maybe you’re thinking “I don’t have a problem!” Maybe, you have a lot of people putting pressure on you to “get help” when you don’t feel like you need it. First and foremost, we get it. Believe us when we tell you that many of the people that come to Project Courage are not doing fist pumps in the air and yelling “Yes I can’t wait to go to Project Courage!” So yeah, we get it that if you’re reading this you’re not thrilled…that you’re probably pretty pissed. Here’s a few things we can say that might help a little:


We’re not about lecturing or taking an authoritative approach. Instead we want to work with you to help you figure things out for yourself, that way you can make your own decisions based on what you learn about yourself.


We like to have fun. We’re not the stiff therapist type, you know the kind…the blank stare, the nodding of the head, making statements like “It seems to me that you’re angry.” Well that’s not us.This kind of work can be hard, but when we can we like to joke, we like to laugh with you. We want this to be about to people connecting, not about one person analyzing or diagnosing the other. We want you to feel respected.

A shorter way to say this is that all of us at Project Courage were adolescents and young adults once as well. We haven’t forgotten what that’s like.

So, give us a chance. Most of the people at Project Courage settle in after about 2-3 weeks, and for those who stick around after a couple of months they actually don’t mind coming much at all. Check out what other people that were in the same place you were in are saying about us.

OR maybe you’re thinking I know I’m struggling but I can’t even begin to think about changing…I want to change but I don’t know how, maybe I’m even scared that I can’t. Well the good news is we get that too. Many of the people that walk into Project Courage are in this same place.Change is scary business. Look around, you’ll see people struggling with it everywhere. Every January most of us set goals on the new year that rarely turn into long term change. Hang in there, we’ll work with you to help you face change, whether it’s giving you tools to help get grounded or just being with you when things are feeling dark. In fact, once we’ve got you grounded and given you some tools we can even stay with you for up to a year to help you make your change lasting. Check out our Recovery Support Services pages that details how we can meet you on your terms, at your times. We’ll even get you a membership to a gym!

Whatever your reason for visiting us today, we know there’s a lot of pages on this website that you are free to explore, but these are the ones we picked which we think will be most helpful to you