25 October

Excuses. Why Would Someone Be Resistant To Substance Abuse Treatment?

“I don’t have a problem.” Most likely one of the biggest excuses to avoid receiving treatment would be the individual’s denial that a drug or alcohol problem alone even exists. Unfortunately, there is where the phrases such as, “They just haven’t hit their rock bottom yet,” come into play. A lot of the time, for …

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15 June

Heroin Epidemics: How Could We Let This Happen…Again?

How many times does something need to happen before we as a culture do what is necessary to stop it from happening again? With heroin, it seems that we never do what needs to be done, and never seem to learn our lesson. An estimated 13.5 million people in the world take opioids (opium-like substances), …

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31 May

An Alternative Approach To The Opioid Crisis

It seems like the methods we are currently using to get in front of this epidemic just aren’t working well enough. Is there another way of thinking about the opioid crisis that we haven’t tried yet? The use of illicit substances continues to rise in the United States. In 2013, nearly 25 million Americans reported …

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22 May

A Day In The Life – Recovery Support Services (RSS)

Recovery Support Services from Project Courage allows you to “Recover on Your Terms.” See what a day in the life of someone in our program looks like, when you’re able to tailor your recovery journey to your lifestyle. The RSS Program Starts When Waking Up “The first thing I do is go over my plan …

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18 April

What is the “Right” Substance Abuse Treatment?

The substance abuse industry is a very difficult and cumbersome field to navigate, even for those of us within the profession. As Director of Admissions at Project Courage, I have had countless conversations with families, clients, and loved ones about how confusing and daunting this process can be. Daunting not only in regard to finding …

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12 March

Social Stigma & Its Impact on Recovery

How could we allow the social stigma of addiction to become worse than having the disease? In society today there is an abundance of hate and lack of compassion. We have a tendency to judge first and an inability to be empathetic. Despite the fact that currently, more Americans are in need for substance abuse …

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25 January

The Dilemma of Understanding Addiction

If there’s something about social media that we can all agree upon, it’s that it provides a forum where people can voice their opinions and where people are heavily challenged by their opinions. How does the topic of understanding addiction fit into this? The ongoing debate that is prevalent circles back to the idea of …

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22 January

The New Gateway Drug

Before a human being develops a substance use disorder, they’ve often already engaged in one or several habitual behavior patterns that lead to addictive traits. For example, activities such as video games, ritualistic athletic exercise and academic perfection include this trait. The human brain is constantly seeking efficient solutions, and when we’re stressed a very …

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3 January

Trauma & Addiction

What role does trauma play in addiction? Throughout my work in the field of mental health and substance use disorders, I’ve often heard individuals question “Why them?”; Why are they depressed? Why did they get addicted to alcohol but their friends didn’t? Why are they feeling uncomfortable in social situations? There is no generic answer …

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