18 June

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Counseling adolescents in a school setting for over two decades has helped shape my perspective on what truly matters in young people’s lives as they graduate high school and launch toward adulthood into the world of bigger and increasingly complex, life decisions. Many of the young people I’ve counseled have visions of vintage cars, beach …

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15 May

Is Marijuana Medicine?

The Stance On Medicinal Marijuana When you hear the word “Marijuana,” what comes to mind? Do you believe it is a drug with serious side effects that makes you stupid and leads to further drug use? Or, do you think it has medical benefits, is not as harmful as alcohol, and has potential to boost …

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24 April

Building Self-Confidence Through Recovery

Vulnerability, powerlessness, and seeking help can be a very difficult thing for people in the thralls of active addiction, many of whom are experiencing issues with their self-confidence and self-esteem. We often don’t feel worthy of living a better life or value the outcome that sobriety offers and find ourselves stuck in a place that …

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9 April

Rock Climbing Saved My Life

While many equate good physical health with “being healthy,” proper mental health plays an equally critical role in a person’s ability to maintain overall healthiness. Focusing solely on one or the other is a detriment to someone’s well-being because we need both aspects. And, each component functions better while working in conjunction with the other. …

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26 March

AA & The Twelve Steps

There are a number of stigmas associated with addiction self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Criticisms include: “It’s a cult,” “they’ll brainwash you,” and my personal favorite (I identified with it the most), “It’s just a bunch of old guys talking about their ex-wives.” Depending on who you ask about the 12-Step …

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4 March

Press Release: Project Courage Partners With TryCycle

Technology Integration Helps to Foster Deeper Connections Between Recovery Coach and Client Project Courage and TryCycle Data Systems Collaborate to Increase Engagement with Clients in Recovery Project Courage’s year-old and recently CARF-accredited Recovery Support Services program (RSS) facilitates recovery in the comfort of client homes. While many other types of treatment are acute in nature, …

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20 February

Is Becoming Vulnerable a Strength?

In the book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Dr. Brené Brown, vulnerability is defined as “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.” Some people may hear the term vulnerability and think that it means weakness. This blog is meant to further the discussion around vulnerability and how it is a strength, …

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5 February

How to Forgive and Find Self-Forgiveness

What’s in it for me? I have been hurt by something. Who was it – me or you? To truly forgive, we must learn what forgiveness is and what it isn’t. We must learn how to forgive. For example, when I think about forgiveness, I instantly think of how someone has hurt me; an action …

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10 January

How My Yoga Practice Transformed My Life

For me, Yoga began as a way to work out and to be healthy. I liked it a lot and wanted to be good at it. Plus, I wanted to learn every pose and do it correctly. I am, after all, Type A. After years of yoga practice, I have learned that being a “good …

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5 November

The Challenges of Teen Peer Pressure

We have all been in situations where we feel pressured to do something, whether it is being put in a situation that makes us feel uncomfortable or make a decision that could ultimately hurt ourselves or others. Most often, these situations arise because those that are around us, whom are sometimes even very important to …

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