Jeffrey Guance

Director of Family Services

Jeffrey Guance, LCSW, has been at Project Courage since 2020. He currently serves as the Director of Family Services. He is a proud Fordham University graduate, where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degree, “Go Rams.” Jeffrey is a New York City, Bronx native and is of Dominican descent. He is the husband of a beautiful soul for 18 years and a father to two evolving, pride evoking, young women.

“I don’t believe this is a work you choose, instead the work chooses you. I am just answering the call to bear arms—boldly and courageously serving in the fray. I am well acquainted with the twist of character addiction forcefully creates. I’m familiar with the wounds these twists produce in the human soul. I remember how the cry for help, safety, and relief sounds. I have experienced the hopelessness—the hopeless feel. I know the lies that burrow themselves into one’s inner-most self. I have also suffered under their weight. Know that we know! But, in the spirit of progress and hope, know that we also know the sound and the feeling of Freedom!”