As a kick off to May Mental Health Month we will take part in the David Goggins 4X4 in 48 Challenge. We will run/walk 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours.


To learn more about the challenge and who David Goggins is Here is a video!

Millions of Americans struggle with Mental Health. These numbers have drastically increased due to the Pandemic. Project Courage is looking to #breakthestigma around Mental Health as we raise funds to support local Community Service programs.

During this time, and throughout the whole month of May we will share blogs, educational information, support services, videos, resources and much more about Mental Health and Wellness.

The Challenge can be done in teams or by yourself, David is an ex-navy seal that has put together these challenges and people are taking a notice. Do what you can and come support!

4×4 in 48 starts Friday 4/30/21 @6PM and finishes Sunday 5/2/21 @7PM. Participants will complete their 4 mile run/walk every 4 hours. They will then virtually check-in every 4 miles via social media. This can be done ANYWHERE!


4x4 in 48 Registration

4x4 in 48 Registration

Sign up for the Challenge here! We encourage you share your experience and tag us so we can share all who are with us in this!
Donations are appreciated and any donation over $50.00 will receive an event shirt!

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